It is finally time to make OLD NEW again

+  Cannery Row Plaza  will become an important link that connects Monterey ‘s great waterfront  parks and open space network, including Custom House Plaza, Wharf 1, Portola Plaza,  San Carlos Park and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

+    Our goal is to create a vibrant civic hub for many different types of activities on Cannery Row, including quiet reflection spaces and larger local festivals and event space.

+    Cannery Row Plaza will become an iconic gateway to historic Cannery Row and bookends this active urban and visitor core of the city.

+   The restoration of the historic San Xavier fish reduction building into the Cannery Row Museum will anchor the plaza and become a welcoming focal point for the community.

+    Cannery Row Plaza will frame extraordinary views of the Monterey Bay through active public open space and green space, and the renovated Cannery Row Museum building. 

+    The Cannery Row Museum’s activity will spill out to the plaza space and the city beyond.

+    The rich history of Cannery Row and the wealth of historic resources that are part of the DNA of the site will be integrated into the plaza and open spaces.

+    The design celebrates the unique historic fabric that can still be seen throughout the site today.

+    The new buildings will respect the unique character of cannery row through simple forms and massing, as well as the use of local colors and materials that are authentic to Monterey and Cannery Row.

+   The plaza terraces step down to connect to the Recreation trail and Cannery Row to the rugged coastline of Monterey Bay. 

+    The terraces provide direct access to the water, extending and connecting the California Coastal Trail across the site.

+    The stepped terraces allow for amphitheater like seating opportunities around the Cannery Row Museum, creating a unique space for visitors and guests to sit and reflect on the history and majesty of this remarkable place.


Conceptual rendering only  designed by HKS Architects & Kilograph

Conceptual rendering only  designed by HKS Architects & Kilograph

Conceptual Rendering Only  - designed by HKS Architects & Kilograph

Conceptual Rendering Only  - designed by HKS Architects & Kilograph

Community Benefits

When the Cannery Row Plaza project was approved in 2008, the community and residents spoke out about what they would like to see on this site.  The History Center, the open air History Center Plaza, the New Community Park that links up to the recreational trail, and the expansive ocean views  with public viewing areas and a 10 foot wide public access easement along the rocky shoreline are incredible new community benefits.  These benefits are designed into the project, however there are a number of additional social and civic community benefit opportunities.  Some of the possibilities are:

Conceptual Rendering Only

Conceptual Rendering Only

Conceptual example only

Conceptual example only

Conceptual example only

Conceptual example only

History Center

Cannery Row Plaza will transform the only historic building left standing on the site into the Cannery Row History Center.  The center will be interactive in design and will bring all of Row's rich history to life.  




New Community Park

A brand new community park will be a part of the Cannery Row Plaza.  The park will create open space for relaxing and connecting to the existing recreational trail.  Possible park elements could be:

Seating to stop and relax off the Recreational Trail
Native plants indigenous to Monterey
Childrens' Play Area


history center Community Plaza 

Cannery Row Farmer's Market
Community Movie Night
Children's Play Area
Onsite Conference Center for Civic Groups

A Third Place

In community building, the third place is the social surroundings separate from the two usual social environments of home ("first place") and the workplace ("second place"). Examples of third places would be environments such as cafes, community plazas, clubs, public libraries, or parks.

conceptual example only

conceptual example only

new shopping,dining & entertainment

The Cannery Row Plaza will attract unique dining and shopping experiences and will be especially focused on serving the local community.  Supporting and partnering with local fisherman and farms will be a major priority.  Some possible options are:

Cannery Row Public Market
Cannery Row Plaza Fish Market
Interactive Dining Experiences

We want to hear from you!

Share your ideas, suggestions, and interests for the History Center, New Community Park, and the Community Plaza.  We want to know what kind of events, park elements and anything else you would like to experience at Cannery Row Plaza

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