Guiding Principles

Going beyond sustainable

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Guiding Principles

+ We Value the HERITAGE: John Steinbeck, fishery, culture, community.


+ We Value the PLACE: Precious Monterey Bay shoreline, the ocean, the creatures that also live here.


+ We Value the COMMUNITY: The focus on community engagement, education, recreation, and fun.


+ We Value the FUTURE: Creating a place for future generations to experience, to work, to live, and to fully appreciate and care about.


We want to create a happy, healthy prosperous place.
We will not do harm to the environment, we will work hard to help it and be good stewards. WE love nature.
We want to be good neighbors and community members.
We support community engagement.
We like to have fun, listen to music, celebrate life, good food, family, and friends.
We are interested in education, culture, and learning.